As a nurse, I undertook a lot of reading regarding long term lines as my i.v. access was poor. The port was a good option for me. I was a very active person and wanted to continue to do all the activities I enjoyed such as fitness training, boot camp, cardio/strength training. Having invasive lines which impeded my day to day activities was an important problem for me.

As a Healthcare professional in Paediatrics, [patients] having a port was commonplace but this didn’t seem to be the case in adults. I wanted to live with cancer and do as much as possible. I didn’t want it to take first place. The port contributed massively with this.

I was able to undergo all my chemotherapy whilst having minimal complications and could continue doing all life’s activities. As a young woman it was also important for me to look like me, wearing the clothes I wanted to wear and not feel I has parts of me I needed to cover up … that showed I was unwell.

I also wanted to work as a nurse and I wanted to be able to continue as I did before. Having a port meant that it was discreet, it enabled all my treatment to take place and then I could forget it was there. Baths/Showers/Swimming was better.

All my chemo nurses found this access a much easier way of giving me my treatment. I felt “listened to” and [felt I had] control and quality of life.

— Susan McKenzie, Paediatric Nursing Sister, Scotland

Very nice and well spoken Dr and very patient with me

I am leaving this consultation a much happier person

Makes me feel at ease, takes time to ensure I understand fully

Very efficient and charming

Excellent approach, most reassuring. No complaints whatsoever

Talked through issues honestly and took his time

Very knowledgeable on subject of consultation. I felt nervous about discussion but was put at ease by Dr Lewis

I felt he listened to what I had to say

I feel very comfortable about the treatment and care which Dr Lewis has provided. He has involved my wife and family in all stages of the treatment process. He has been upfront and honest in discussing all aspects of my health.

Very helpful, polite and professional

Pleasant manner, informative and putting patient at ease

Excellent communication skills and warm manner. I feel confident I am receiving the best treatment possible

My responses would have been higher than the ones provided on the questionnaire. Mr Lewis is an excellent surgeon